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cranberry Cranberries are tasty, healthy and native to North America.

Native Americans have harvested and eaten wild cranberries since long before the arrival of European settlers. After the first Thanksgiving at Plymouth Colony in 1621, the succulent cranberry became synonymous with holiday dinners across America.

Cranberry cultivation has been an important agricultural endeavor in Wisconsin since the mid-nineteenth century. Today, more than half of all cranberries harvested in the United States are grown there. They are also an important fruit crop in Massachusetts, New Jersey, Oregon, Washington, and the Canadian provinces of British Columbia and Quebec.


Cranberries are one of three indigenous fruits unique to North America that are commercially cultivated. Prized for their antioxidant nutritional properties, the tart berries lend their unique flavor to baked goods, juices, and sauces. Sweetened dried berries have become a popular snack and recipe ingredient. Nearly a thousand food and beverage products contain cranberries, making them more than just a holiday staple.

Photographer Wayne Martin grew up in the cranberry country of Central Wisconsin. Since childhood he has been fascinated by the environment around him. His first experience with cranberries was sampling lip-puckering, highly concentrated cranberry juice served at a local bank—a tart tasting experience he never forgot. (763) 551-0395
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