Cranberries Revealed
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  The award-winning
photo book by
Wayne R. Martin
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Why do cranberries need to be “revealed” anyway?

It seems that most people don’t know much about them beyond their ubiquitous appearance at the Thanksgiving dinner table. So what?

Well, as Martin reveals in this book, cranberries are one of the most beautiful fruit crops grown in North America. Savor the vivid colors, feel the textures of the berries, soar over and wade into the breathtaking places where the berries grow.



Martin’s photographs follow this uniquely American fruit from seed to farm to table, capturing a beauty many never see.

And if you’ve never considered eating cranberries other than on that one day in November, treat yourself to an array of award-winning recipes that transcend the traditional Thanksgiving dinner—recipes you can enjoy year-round! (763) 551-0395

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